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Mediterranean conquest

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This is a project we worked on throughout 2016 with Judit, Gergő, Roli and Zoli. We were contacted to create the design of the Luce energy drinks. The client expressly chose us because what they had in mind was not some simple package design – they wanted to enter the southern markets with a box decorated with comics.


Of course we have quite a lot of experience in drawing comics and we can work in a large variety of styles, so it was easy to find the people who were able to create the mood the client wanted. Gergő did the drawings and Roli the color art. It is interesting to note that all the strips are universal, as they are silent and have a funny ending. By special request, the panels were arranged vertically rather then horizontally, which is the more common layout for comic strips.


In addition to the comics, we also designed the packaging, with Judit creating the basics. I made the adjustments and rearranged the components, while Zoli did the prepress work. Last but not least, Dani created their official web page. So there were quite a few of us working on it, and everybody was able to tackle the parts that suit them most, which is excellent for both gaining professional experience and for developing the designs. And it also allowed us to learn how to better work together.


Interestingly, „luce” means light in Italian, and this determined the concept for both the communication and the package design. For the time being, the drink is being sold in South European countries. In addition to the packaging, we also created some online materials, an animated title, a tray for energy drinks, photos and a few smaller things. We keep on working on the success of our client. I hope that you will hear a lot about the Luce energy drink in the future.

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