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Megrendelő: Pastorbot
Készség: Flash, After Effects, Illustrator

Here is the animation ad of Pastorbot.

You’d like to present your company to the world… You’d like to attract new customers… But you don’t want to make an expensive ad, nor something that’s cheap or soon becomes obsolete or use an advertising tool that misses your target? In that case, an animated ad is your best choice! It explains the way your company functions in a way that’s easy to understand. It attracts attention, works fast and allows you to reach anyone in the world. Modern and efficient, adaptable to various digital media. It can be unusal and unique, and is very popular at conferences and meetings. Moreover, it increases considerably your chances on the search engines’ hit list. So don’t wait, choose this revolutionary new technology and let us help you make your company a success, easily and in style. Pastorbot – Maximum visuals.