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Year of animations

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In 2020 we had the chance to work on many animation tasks for different clients. This is really awesome because we love to work on animation requests.

In spring of 2020 we had a commission from the Hungarian National Museum. We created illustrations and an additional animations for a hungarian historical exhibiton. We worked on this one with Tejlor.

We had many illustrations and comics too, but the hardest part was a political opening theme for Pesti TV. This opening was really heavy with a lot of working hours, small details and frame-by-frame animation, but in the end it turned to be a really good portfolio element for us as well.

The last animation in this year was for one of my favorite punk rock band called Macskanadrág (Catpants). They have their big comeback this year with a new LP and we had the chance to work on one of the videos for it. It was illustrated by Zowie and I was the writer of the script, animator of the stills and the director od the whole project. It was fun

I hope next year will be not so challenging from an economical perspective as 2020 was. Let’s hope the best!

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