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What is Pastorbot?

Pastorbot Design Services formed by Tamás Pásztor, Art Director of a professional team, offering illustrated and animated graphic design services, which team up with many times awarded and nominated Hungarian illustrators and animators.

Being designer artists our aim is to serve our clients with a maximum of satisfaction and our mission is to give publicity to our professional work and projects worldwide.

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Our designs are required in the field of applied graphics and graphic designs for a huge variety of products such as animated films, newspapers, comics and book illustrations, posters, caricatures, storyboards, books, records, CDs and DVDs covers. We offer our services to both domestic and foreigner publishers and agencies.

We also deal with image designing, brand building, subtitling and last but not least designing online and offline marketing materials.

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Why to choose Pastorbot?

Our accomplished team has been doing our best for decades from simple creations to the latest trends with professional and youthful enthusiasm and exemplary diligence. Due to our technical preparedness and flexible attitude towards the clients’ needs and different kinds of drawing styles we can represent an internationally acknowledged level in the world of illustration and animation.

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"They have done their work to perfection
in our flat as well as in our business.”

Anita, Bernáth Redőny Kft.
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"It's so awesome that I always
find some surprise detail on the final image!"

Máté, client
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The latest blog posts


Documentary – Hungary Torn Apart

In 2016 we created animated inserts for a political documentary called ‘Szétszakadt Magyarország’ with Gergő Oravecz and Janó Andriska. We worked with the writer and director of the movie so we could create appropriate animations for the movie. We prepared the static...

Archive 2000-2008

I had some time today so I was browsing in my archive folders and found some still valuable illustrations and creatives in those libraries. There are illustrations below that are 20 years old and most of them are older than 10 years. These are all created by me when I was a solo...

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  • → flyers
    → image design
    → advertising design
  • → responsive websites
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